Prime 4Energy is an owner-operated Charleston, SC business that primes homes and building structures for maximum energy efficiency and healthier building solutions by using advanced technology and products for outstanding lifetime energy savings and performance.


What We Do Best

Spray foam is the biggest innovation in the insulation industry in over 65 years.  Spray foam insulation provides superior comfort and energy efficiency through lower R – values while cutting heating and cooling cost.

Working Together

Pre-Batt – installation of t-ply, caulk and foam

Air Sealing – sealing of all exterior windows and doors

Spray Foam Insulation – installation of closed cell and open cell spray foam

Fiberglass Insulation - installation of batt and blown fiberglass

Sealed Crawl Spaces – sealed closers of crawl space from the outside environments

Air and Water Barriers – installation of fluid applied house wraps

 Blower Door Testing – certified energy test

Building higher quality, energy-efficient homes is a great idea.
  • Recent study’s have shown today's new home buyers prefer smaller energy sufficient homes over larger less efficient homes.

  • Areas to consider for spray foam insulation: Attics, Exterior Walls, Floor Bands, Crawl Spaces, Drive Unders and Interior Walls/Floors for Sound Attenuation


Facts About Spray Foam Insulation.

• Two types are available: low density open cell which is soft and flexible, and medium density closed cell which is hard and rigid.

• Closed cell foam is approved by FEMA as a flood-resistant material and is a barrier to vapor.

• Both types offer air sealing and insulation in one product and protect against all paths of

heating and cooling loss.

• Spray foam enhances comfort by keeping noise, pests and allergens out.

• The products are VOC-free and ozone safe.

• Due to its combination of air sealing and insulating properties, spray foam can reduce heating and cooling energy usage by as much as 40 to 60 percent. (Source:

Top Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation.

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality

  • Noise Reduction, Sound Abatement

  • Keeps out Wind Driven Rain

  • Added Structural Strength, Hurricane Protection

  • Eliminates Wood Floors and Stairs from Cupping and Cracking

  • Reduces your Carbon Footprint

  • Creates a Water, Rodent and Insect Barrier

  • Controlled Attic Temperatures

  • Improves Comfort of Indoor Living Spaces

  • Healthier Indoor Environment

  • Extends the Life of HVAC Systems

  • Saves money on Energy Bills



Customer Testimony

The owner is very personable and works well with customers, understanding their needs and delivering on his commitments.
Custom Home Builder, Charleston SC

Prime 4Energy’s work is robust and shows that they keep on top of the latest trends and products.
Energy Company, Columbia SC

The owner’s knowledge ability has been proven to be at a top level for all the years that I have worked with him. He is always looking to better his products and services.
Custom Home Builder, Kiawah SC

Prime 4Energy has the knowledge and service in SC that is second to none.
Commercial Contractor, Mount Pleasant SC

Great company and installers, very  professional and able to answer all our questions prior to work being performed.
Homeowner, Charleston SC



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